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@Zelda Botes:

 People measure sweat to amount calories burned, just another common myth, cardio in general "if I don't sweat, I'm not burning "fat/calories". This is not true :) PLEASE answer this question on behalf. -Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi xx





 Dear Zelda, 


Thank you so much for writing in. I hope that I will be able to answer your question in full, below. Thank you very much for your consistant support!

At the end of a long and vigorous workout, the sweat dripping off your body might seem like a badge of honour, shining for the whole world to see and appreciate your committed lifestyle. Unfortunately the dripping sweat is merely the residue of your body's cooling system. Although sweating is necessary to help you achieve weight loss, it does not actually cause the kilo’s to melt away.

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What Is Sweat

Quite simply, perspiration can be considered the body's internal cooling system. As the sweat evaporates off your skin, your body cools down slightly. Some people tend to sweat more profusely than others, so If you do not look like a “wet puppy” after your session, do not despair. Your body just uses this cooling off mechanism in a different way or outside temperatures might have influenced your sweaty session!



Due to hormonal imbalances especially due to the beloved hormone estrogen, I have found that woman retain a bit more water than men. By sweating you will lose some excessive water that your body might have been holding on to, but by no means does this qualify as you loosing FAT! Fat needs to be burnt OFF and cannot merely be sweated away by you walking at a fast pace whilst doing some retail therapy!

To achieve permanent weight loss, your body must burn fat through exercise. And although a healthy sweat session generally accompanies a fat-burning exercise session, the sweat process does not directly result in permanent weight loss. The 1 gram that you lost on the scale after your workout does not necessarily mean the “lumpy-bumpies” were burnt off and you now deserve a cheat!


Angel’s orders:

Rather than resorting to sweating for weight loss, take a longer-term view and use time-tested, safe methods such as proper nutrition, calorie control and regular participation in aerobics and strength-training exercises. Great products to use in preventing excessive water retention would include the Potassium based product, Phoenix or the Detox product from TNT or for the “el-naturals” amongst us, pure Potassium. (all available at JVL)


Try my latest cardio buster, below, this week and let me know how much water you lost!


Food for thought: Wake up DETERMINED and go to bed SATISFIED!


Have an “angelic” week!



10x Jumping Jacks

10x push up stance, bent knee to shoulder

10x glitter push-ups

10x squat and explode up jumps

10x knee tucks

Repeat this set 5 times!!!


*”lingo” used in these blogs are merely subjective.





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