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Eat, Sleep, Train repeat!

Eat, Sleep, Train repeat!

Heya ladies!


Long time I know - life has just been blessingly busy! Is that even a descriptive justification of super busy? Fine we will write that off as part of "Angel's bulletproof dictionary for blonds!" LOL!

BUT, what I definitely had to make time for was to share my awesome workout  of tonight with 'da boys', with all my angelic followers!! Off course we did LEGS! And my tushy patrol was in full swing - gotta keep those babies tight!

Let me know how you find this workout seeing as I was lying in the foetus position begging for mercy and walking out of gym looking like a wet poodle who fell over after every step! LOL!

Do every set at least 3 times, weight is not too heavy as you surely do not want to bulk and do as many reps as you possibly can without grunting!

Let me know how you did!!


Make sure you have drank a super dooper vasodilator from JVL before you start - you gonna need it!


Set 1:

Leg extensions (seated)

Hamstring curls (seated)

Runs over a step and alternated with heel taps on the step


Set 2:

Walking lunges - at least 50m or so down and then back 50m again. This I alternated with normal walking lunges, one leg walking lunges, walking lunges and lift one leg to the back and squeeze the bum with weights of your choice on either side.

Jumping lunges down an aisle about 10m

Ball squats against the wall with weights on either side


Set 3:

Seated adductors (squeeze the tush!)

Squat presses - single leg, double leg and alternate this by lifting your heels as well

Lying hamstring leg curls (add a push up for some added awesomeness and pulse your legs whilst fully straightened and extended  back to get that extra squeeze in the glutes)

Run up and down steps


Set 4:

Step ups on a high bench with weights either side alternate also with same leg step ups

Stationary Squats (toes pointed out) with a barbell resting on your elbows whilst elbows are lifted in line with shoulders

Stiff legged dead lifts on an elevated step by the Smith machine

Repeat lying leg curls again


Set 5:

100 reps of  seated leg extensions




I just loved training with the JVL guys tonight! Go on, grab a man who is drooling over your super sexiness in gym, and show him what you are capable of by schooling him in this leg work out!! Great pick up line! This will spike some much needed motivation and might work wonders for your love life! LOL!


Yours in health,











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