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Is your weight-loss goal based on a fairytale?



Hi everyone,

As I am preparing just as hard as most of you out there for the next show, reaching my own personal best or just for summer I am being confronted with everyday life, challenges and excuses. Over the past few weeks I have heard so many different variations on gym excuses. It is just shocking how many people want to look like their fitness idol, but should you even dare to tell them that the picture they see is the result of endless amounts of sweat, cravings and tears...they just stutter over this believe and prefer to stay in “la-la land” where skinny people are born that way and they have this horrendous genetic incapability to ever lose weight. And you will just not understand!

Ok, well...always remember that “de-nail is not only a river in Egypt” and there will come a day when you will have to admit that the Easter bunny is not real, Christmas Father is a myth and too can work just as hard, as those people, and prove all “genetic myths wrong”. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some cases, in the minority, where genetics do play a very big role in the weight-loss process. I’m talking about those people who are not obese by a long shot, but completely believe that the last 5 kg’s are just meant to haunt, torment and follow them for all of eternity.

It takes HARD work. And that’s the UGLY TRUTH! Angel


Eating every other hour, taking buckets full of supplements and vitamins and in between everything else making time for normal life challenges as well. I have always aimed in providing you with a touch of reality when it comes to this subject as I have just seen far too many fancy and cute little cherrie-pie topped lies out there giving people false hope. Then when they meet the real deal and learn how much work it takes, dreams are shattered, cheat-meals are devoured and fit depression sets in.

But you know what, after this reality sets in, I always seem to find them lurking around in the gym and starting the long but valuable journey to a new life. If you want the truth, you will hear it from me. If you want a beautiful fairytale, go read up on how Cinderella was “born that way” and feel completely happy with your own make-believe-weight-loss story. Maybe if you believe it long enough, it just might happen!


Now that I have scared, screamed and brought you close to tears you are at the perfect place to take in my Top 10 tips for your most effective weight-loss strategy to date:


Angel’s Commandments:

1.There is no short term fix, “fad diet” or wonder tablet that will fix your lifestyle, it is a way of life and it WILL take time. How long? It depends on YOU and you only!

2.Structure your life and you will structure your eating;

3.Portion control is crucial;

4.Stay clear of compulsive and emotional eating;

5.Yes! You have to take supplements;

6.Eat slowly to notice when you become satisfied;

7.Never feel deprived, eat often;

8.Enjoy your food, it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures, not a punishment;

9.Exercise, if you are not losing weight you are 1) not training hard or often enough or 2) you are the only one who thinks you are doing it right;

10.Get enough sleep in as this will aid in recovering and with your metabolic rate. 


On that note, make every session a competition and not just a social session! I am eager to hear about your new set goals, accomplishments and success stories! Believe to receive!


Just Victorious Living!


Yours in health;






A Cardio session with Angel
MOTIVATION, the "Angel" way!


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