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Hello JVL Fitness Friends! So many blessings in so little time. My schedule has been jam-packed lately with appearances, bookings, and product launches, client consults and yes so much more!


 I just concluded by one day mega event, Legally Fit, where I coached a select group of empowered beautiful and very talented women to be their ultimate best! What an amazing event, I am so ready to take on the rest of 2012! Success will follow!


I have launched my new website and you will be able to view the site and hopefully become super educated through this sits very soon.


IT HAS ARRIVED! We launched the new and long awaited JVL vests with slogans like “skinny girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked”! Love these slogans and they are such a focus point for me whenever I feel that I need some extra motivation during my workouts! But they are selling out like crazy! Let me know which slogans motivate you for our next order!!!


There is such a big misconception amongst ladies surrounding the term Testosterone. It may surprise you to know that men alone do not have monopoly when it comes to “test”. The ovaries produce both “test” and estrogen. Small amounts of ‘test’ get released in the bloodstream via the ovaries and adrenal glands.


Psychiatrist Dr. Susan Rako believes testosterone therapy is a major breakthrough for midlife women. Understanding that testosterone deficiency may be to blame for a loss of interest in sex in an otherwise happy relationship, she points out, could prevent much unnecessary anguish. These days, menopausal women are turning to “test” to provide a renewed sexual drive, which estrogen alone cannot achieve.

Some of the general effects of low ‘test’ in women are:

  1. 1.Low sex drive;
  2. 2.Loss of muscle mass;
  3. 3.Decreasing in energy.

While testosterone therapy is only available by prescription and supervision of a physician there are natural testosterone products that you can use to achieve great results. The products “Testo-19”, “Anatropin” and “Pink Magic” jump to mind and I myself am a big believer in natural testosterone boosters. Bear in mind that you cannot exceed the daily intake on these products ladies! If your aim is to tighten that “tush” or just to “up” that muscle tone in a natural way, then these products can definitely help you achieve that. Head on over to JVL, where we will be happy to assist!


Have a great week and remember that strength comes from conquering the things you once thought you couldn’t.

Yours in Health;


MOTIVATION, the "Angel" way!
Let me make you “Famous”!


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